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Review - Yamaha DXR10 review, page 4
by Jim Alfredson

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I’ve used the speakers in my road rig for several months now. I have played all manner of venues including small to large clubs, festivals both indoor and outdoor, theaters and even a few live TV appearances. In every circumstance they have performed flawlessly. The rig inspires me to play and I can always hear myself loud and clear. The speakers sound fantastic with the perfect balance of frequencies and plenty of clear undistorted headroom. Yamaha lists the SPL of the DXR10 at 131db, which means they are capable of a lot of volume. The organ cuts beautifully without sounding strident and the piano is warm and rich and full. The solidity of the cabinets means no rattles or extraneous noises. The flexibility of the inputs means ease of use and compatibility with a wide variety of sources. And they sound great in stereo or mono. For a recent TV appearance in San Angelo, TX I used just a single DXR10. At a few of the smaller clubs I used both speakers in a stacked configuration, one on top of the other, as mentioned above. And for the bigger clubs and festivals I use them as floor monitors on either side of me. Regardless of the arrangement, they sound balanced and full.


The compact powered speaker market is full of options from many manufacturers. With the DXR series, Yamaha is offering a great sounding, very well designed option that should not be overlooked. Yamaha’s build quality is second to none and the feature set is sure to appeal to a wide variety of uses. If you’re in the market for a powered speaker, you owe it to yourself to check out the DXR series.

You can see and hear them in action (albeit with sound recorded on a regular smartphone) in the short video below.

Jim Alfredson
is a professional organist with organissimo and Janiva Magness. All trademark names copyright their respective owners. This review copyright 2013 by Jim Alfredson.

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