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All About Jazz -- Just like the name says... CD reviews, club listings, festival guides, internet radio station, discussion forums (but don't forget our forums!), and more. -- An internet blog and forums whose "aim is to restructure certain standards of formality in critical analysis of artforms, while maintaining professionalism and giving the music the attention it deserves." Sounds good to us!

Baker's Keyboard Lounge
-- The oldest continually operating jazz club in America! Great atmosphere, great food, and of course the best in jazz from the Motor City and beyond!

Big O Records
-- Our current label home. Founded for the release of our second album, "This Is The Place". Expect more great releases in the very near future.

Billy's Lounge
-- One of our favorite and most receptive Grand Rapids haunts! See who's playing next!

Blue Lake Public Radio
-- Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp serves the West Michigan Community with its Public Radio Stations, WBLV-FM 90.3 in the Muskegon area and WBLU-FM 88.9 in Grand Rapids. Friend and forum member Lazaro Vega hosts nightly jazz excursions.

Calliope Piano Service -- For local piano service in the greater Lansing area, there is none better. With almost 30 years experience, Calliope Piano Service provides fast, professional service for all acoustic pianos. Now sevicing vintage electric pianos such as Rhodes and Wurlitzer as well.

CDBaby -- The web's premiere independent music distributor. After a bad experience with another internet distributor who shall remain nameless (aka, CDStreet) we've switched over to CDBaby and have had nothing but great results! Browse through their online catalog. You're bound to find something that interests you! Support independent music!

Cliff Bells -- A beautifully restored 1920's era speakeasy in downtown Detroit and the only club with a house organ in the Metro-Detroit area! We love playing Cliff Bells!

Doodlin' Lounge
-- Pete Fallico's awesome site dedicated to all the various influential jazz organists, featuring first-person biographies with some of the greatest names in jazz organ. Check it out!

Founders Brewing Co.
-- The infamous bar that graces the cover of our first CD and our home base in Grand Rapids! Oh yeah, and they have fantastic microbrews, to boot!

-- Glenn Brown Productions is our studio of choice! Mr. Brown put the mojo into all our projects and runs a premier, world class studio. He also designs studio loudspeakers and specializes in acoustic and electronic design & consultation.

Hammond Organ Co. - Hammond is alive and well and making wonderful new organs that combine the best of the old with new technology and features for these modern times. Jim Alfredson is a proud Hammond endorsed artist!

The Jazz Discography -- The most comprehensive discography of jazz in the world. Featuring over 115,000 individual musicians and over 136,000 recording sessions!

Mark Sheldon Photography
- Mark is a great friend and a superb photographer. You can see his work all over our site. He has beautiful prints available for sale via his website of many famous jazz musicians.

Mitchell Feldman Associates - The best in jazz radio and print promotion and publicity. Mitchell worked our last CD, This Is The Place, to great success and is a true fan of the music. He goes above and beyond his duties in providing clients with the best service and results.

Night Lights
-- A great jazz radio show on WFIU in Bloomington, Indiana hosted by one of our forum members!

Repeat Records -- Online music retailer specializing in vintage recordings including some great jazz titles. Check 'em out!

Reptet - This piano-less combo out of Seattle is seriously fun, high-energy jazz. The band has a great sense of musical humor and their live shows are not to be missed!

Ron Blake -- Brilliant saxophonist currently residing in New York City. A member of Christian McBride's group, Ron recorded three tracks on our new CD. He also released several of his own CDs, most recently on Mack Ave.

Tonewheel General Hospital -- Our recommended source for all things Hammond & Leslie. Run by Rick Prevallet, the service is extraordinary and support is one-on-one. Don't use anyone else!